• Monthly Food Sale – Every 3rd Friday!

    On the third Friday of each month, you can purchase these ethnic delicacies from 12-2 pm

    Bake Sale
    Pierogies - Potato or Cabbage
    Holupki (Stuffed Cabbage Rolls)
    Nut, Poppyseed and Apricot Rolls
    Homemade Bread

    Whether you like to bake or eat -- we welcome you!

    EASTER BAKE SALE - Thursday, April 17, 3-6 PM

    Your help is needed and most appreciated!!!!!!!!!

    We welcome everyone into the church kitchen. Skills needed: measuring, lifting, wrapping, dish washing, and don't forget your smilel!

    For more info, call Rosalie at 941-445-5133 or email
    Marie at mariemaruskin@gmail.com.

    A Baker's Paradise!